Can’t keep doing the same old shit and expect a different result. You have to be willing to evolve. Meet the future. #motivation #focus #determination #success #makeithappen #dj #djlife #musiclife


Great news! I’ve just been picked up as a contributing writer for ThatDROP.com, a popular blog about EDM culture!

I’m honored to be working with such a great group of people, and I will work HARD to provide the best content I possibly can.

Just goes to show, hard work really does pay!


Invest in Yourself…

I meet so many people who ask me for advice on how to make progress in the industry. One of my first lessons?

Grind hard, get your money up, and invest in yourself! Why the fuck would you wait for someone else to invest in you, if you can’t, or won’t, invest in yourself?

The big boys come knocking once you’ve got your own shit together. Make THEM come to YOU! Then you can name your own price! Let’s get it!!

Go Hard…

We can do amazing things with the right motivation. Push yourself. Go HARD. Put stress on yourself to achieve your goals. #motivation #determination #focus #fight #nevergiveup #pushyourself #pushyourlimits #gohard